Feeding Neighborhood Children for FREE!
...since 2010...

The Tom Green County Kids Eat-FREE!” effort is affiliated with the Texas Hunger Initiative. The goal of the Texas Hunger Initiative is to end hunger in Texas by 2015 through local and statewide collaboration – policy, education, grassroots organizing and community development.

In Tom Green County -

    More than 1 of every 4 families with children had times during the last year   when there was not enough money to buy food- 5,400 households in San Angelo.

    It’s not that we don’t have the resources – we do. The issue is the distribution system – we need to get the resources we have to those who need them.

The goal for Tom Green County since 2010 has been to feed more children during the summer when school was not in session. In San Angelo ISD, over 60% of the students receive free or reduced meal benefits - over 8,600 students!

During June, San Angelo ISD and Grape Creek ISD offer free breakfast and lunch at summer school sites. But, what happens in July?Kids Eat-FREE!” happens! Over 60 churches, ministries, organizations, businesses and many, many individuals and volunteers partner to provide meals at several locations in San Angelo and at one site in Carlsbad.

In 2010, during July and August, our 11 locations provided over 21,500 meals (including seconds) to children.

In 2011, during July and August, our 13 locations provided nearly 23,000 meals (including seconds) to children. Our volunteers gave over 8,000 hours to provide those meals.

In 2012, during July and August, our 15 locations provided nearly 34,000 meals (including seconds) to children.

In 2013, during July and August, our 9 locations provided nearly 27,000 meals (including seconds) to children.

Again, in 2014, our goal is to serve more children. Will you help?

Send monetary donations to:
Texas Hunger Initiative – San Angelo Region  
      For Kids Eat - FREE! Summer Meals
Crockett National Bank
c/o Todd Huckabee
502 S. Koenigheim St.
San Angelo, TX  76903-6769

(Honorariums and memorials will be acknowledged. Monetary donations are NOT tax-deductible.  Tax-deductible donations, designated for Kids Eat - FREE, may be made to any of the churches or non-profit organizations listed as Meal Site Sponsors on the Supporters page.)

For additional information contact
Betty Teston, Child Hunger Outreach Specialist, Betty_Teston@Baylor.edu325-374-1443, or
Mary Herbert, Regional Director, Mary_Herbert@Baylor.edu, 325-656-4170
Cady Pena, Field Organizer, Cady-Pena@Baylor.edu,

Texas Hunger Initiative

 Baylor University School of Social Work

For information about statewide activities, go to www.texashunger.org.